to see in ibiza guide to sites of interest on ibiza

to see in ibiza guide to sites of interest on ibiza
Guide to Sites of Interest on Ibiza

In early spring (February), the almond trees blossom and orchards are covered with white-pink blossoms, an annual phenomenon that attracts visitors from around the world.
Large parts of Ibiza island are protected nature reserves and registered UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The Balearic government is deeply committed to preserve the island’s natural beauty, as well as its important coastal and marine ecosystems.
Some sightseeing examples of Ibiza’s natural beauty:

<< Ses Feixes 
- a freshwater wetland of great importance created by an ancient irrigation system of Arabic origin, and bird sanctuary of high biodiversity.
Both flamingos and other migratory birds breed in April and May.
It is situated next to the beach of Talamanca, found on the outskirts of "Vila "between the two ring roads


<< Las Salinas
- historic salt flats & wetland with specific flora and fauna of major ecological importance. Las Salinas Natural Park occupies land and sea, and is composed of salt flats and historical wetlands with a specific flora and fauna of great ecological importance.
Entrance to the park is restricted to encourage nesting birds.
Especially spectacular are the groups of flamingos.

In the sea, between Ibiza and Formentera, dense prairies of the important, but endemic, seagrass species: Oceanic Posidonia were discovered in 2006, and declared Sites of Community Importance.
Some sightseeing examples of Ibiza’s marine scenery:
Mysterious Ibizan landmark Isla Es Vedra, rock island in a crystal clear sea and surrounded by many legends, neighboring island FORMENTERA, or one of the hundreds uninhabited islets nearby, are great options for a pleasant boat trip, cruise or boat excursion, while holidaying Ibiza.
The crystal clear, turquoise waters and amazing marine scenery offer spectacular views, especially around sunrise and sunset!
Discover and explore Ibiza island on your own, or with the experienced Ibiza Tourist Guides.

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